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Our nation is suffering in countless ways from an increasingly destructive and addictive relationship to drugs and alcohol. But maybe you already knew that.

Maybe you have suffered in a personal way from addictive behaviors in the past, and now you want to do something to stem the tide by helping others as a drug abuse counselor.

Maybe you are already working with addicts in a professional setting as a chemical dependency counselor, a pastor, or a therapist in the criminal justice system.

And maybe you are looking for tools to expand your expertise and effectiveness in fighting the real war on drugs.

If so, you have come to the right place. We are proud to introduce you to the exciting and innovative services of the

American Institute for Chemical Dependency Counseling

  More About AICD Counseling

We are the nation’s only provider of online training for chemical dependency counselors to be certified by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC), the nation’s most respected professional organization serving the needs and interests of chemical dependency counselors.

We, too, are dedicated to serving the needs of professionals in the field of chemical dependency counseling, by providing the most thorough, up-to-date and insightful clinical training products available anywhere. And they are all scaled and formatted so that you can access them from the convenience and privacy of your own home computer.

We currently offer 18 Powerful Courses covering all aspects and issues of interest to anyone interested in honing their skills and earning valuable CEUs as counseling professionals. And they have all been reviewed and certified by NAADAC, so you know you are receiving the very best content available.
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Course Offerings
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1 - Learning and Applying the 12 Fundamental Elements of Counseling

2 - Effective Proactive Intervention with Addicts

3- Counseling Sessions Documentation Techniques

4 - Documenting the Treatment Process with Adolescent Clients

5 - Learning and Following the NAADAC Code of Ethics

6 - Dealing With Hepatitis C, STDs, AIDS and Addictions

7 - Practicing Clinical Supervision of Chemical Dependency Interns and Employees

8 - Principles of Counseling and Therapeutic Techniques

9 - Impact of Addiction on The Family System

10 - Working the Plan – Understanding and Using the 12 Step Program

11 - Addiction IS a Disease – Principles of the Disease Model (not in PA)

12 - Effective Group Counseling Strategies

13 - Help With HIPAA – Understanding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (not in PA)

14 - Deadly Dilemma: Domestic Violence and Chemical Dependency (not in PA)

15 - Dealing with Dual Diagnosis Clients (not in PA)

16 - Treatment Strategies for Compulsive Gambling (not in PA)

17 - From Bad to Worse: Addiction & Criminal Behavior

18 - In the System: Understanding the Criminal Justice Process

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